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Photo of a Malleefowl by D. Walker


Local concern for the decline of the Gnowangerup Shire fauna emblem, the “gnow” (South West Australian Aboriginal name for Malleefowl) led to the formation of the Malleefowl Preservation Group in 1992. Now The “hands on” group activities are focused on working with farmers and pastoralists providing agency and similar interest organisations with a direct link to rural community conservation programs.

The Malleefowl Preservation Group was originally based in Ongerup, a farming township of 120 residents situated approximately 400 km south east of Perth, Western Australia. Ongerup is one of three small rural towns in the Gnowangerup Shire. The farming landscape in the region today is very different from the mallee bushland which dominated the area 100 years ago prior to the wide scale clearing for agriculture (cereal grain and sheep). In recognition of these changes resulting in loss of biodiversity, in particular the Malleefowl, local farmers and community members banded together to form the Malleefowl Preservation Group in August 1992.

Moving forward, the Malleefowl Preservation Group is now located in the heart of Fremantle and is expanding its programs to encompass more on-ground conservation activities across the broader landscape of Western Australia.

MPG Aims and Objective
  • To preserve and if possible, re-establish sustainable and secure populations of Malleefowl in their natural habitat in Western Australia.
  • To enhance our knowledge of Malleefowl (distribution and natural history) through field surveys and research.
  • To develop a long term conservation program for the Malleefowl and to seek the support and co-operation of private individuals, community groups, government agencies, schools and universities.
  • To increase community awareness of the need for Malleefowl preservation by producing and extending information to the community and contributing to school education programs.
  • To raise funds and seek support from government, corporate bodies, private individuals and groups for the preservation of the Malleefowl and its associated habitat.
  • To ensure that the group activities do not cause disturbance to the Malleefowl and associated native flora and fauna.
 Administration and Management

The Malleefowl Preservation Group operates on a 95% volunteer basis. The group annually appoints a management board comprising of –

The Malleefowl Preservation Group’s office is located at:
Street Address 18/27 Market StFremantle, WA 6160
Telephone (08) 94679613
E-mail Info@malleefowl.com.au

Committee meetings are conducted regularly and participation is invited from members. Free of charge telephone link up facility is available. Please contact the office for the next meeting date and time, agenda and phone link up instructions. This service is generously sponsored by Telstra.